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Please help with Solr search. He delete duplicate "contacts", and not searching by one letter.

Model:  searchable do
          text :name
controller:     query = params[:search]
                  @search = Sunspot.search [Contact] do |f|
                    f.fulltext query
                    f.keywords query
                @contacts = @search.results

And standart view from railscasts.


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I'm really not sure I understand, but I think I get one of the problems.

If you add the term: contacts:contact1

followed by the term: contacts:contact2

to the same document, the result will be a field: contacts:contact1 contact2

The field name serves as something of a key to the data. The same document can't have two fields with the same key. If you need to be able to fetch distinct contacts from the database, either store each with a different name, or add a delimiter so that you can split them apart once you have fetched the combined field.

As far as searching with one letter, are you performing a prefix or wildcard search to fetch longer fields, like:


And it isn't working for some reason?

Or perhaps you have been trying to match the term 'a', or something like that, which could be eliminated by the StopFilter being used?

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