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I've just started with Box2D and have come across a strange problem.

I have a simple function to constrain object position to within a predefined area.

I do this by getting the body's world position, checking this against the predefined area's bounding box values, and applying a force to the body to keep it within.

 if (bodyWorldPos.x >= worldWidth)

This works fine.

However, if the body collides with another body, this simple method stops working. The body's world position, retrieved like this:


returns wrong values.

Is this a bug in Box2D for LibGDX or am I doing something wrong?

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The function getWorldPoint converts a point from 'local coordinates' (relative to the body's 0,0 position) to global coordinates (relative to 0,0 in the world).

I think for this purpose you can just use getPosition() only.

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