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I notices more spam in my submitted data. How can I make a moderate stAge? For ex, user submits dAta to be entered mysql then I can approve before it is enetered into db where it would be automatically published.

9/11/2009: So I will test the Y/N method and then get back to u guys but I suspct I will have a problem with moderating (tedious). I would need to make something that mass adds. I was thinking of adding another column for unmoderated. Is that needed? I was thinking of making a section for unmoderated submitted data or I can just loop out all that are = to null.

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There are two ways to do it, either have a "buffer" table which stores all unmoderated data and then during your review, you can add it to a "master" table, or have a column which stores the moderated state of the record, saying "Y" or "N" for example, which is set by you during review.

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I would go for the Y/N flag field in the DB. –  Alix Axel Sep 10 '09 at 18:46
i would go for whichever is easier to implement in my code. if there a lots of places in the code that look at the posts table but only one insert form, then i would go for the buffer table. if all the places that look at this table are easy to find and update to exclude non-approved rows, then i would go for the separate column. –  longneck Sep 10 '09 at 19:41
Would this be a good way? –  Strawberry Sep 11 '09 at 15:40
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First store it into a 'staging' or temporary table. Create a simple UI that allows you to review the data and 'commit' it, that is simply copy it to the 'real' table.

For example, you could present all the unreviewed data in a tabular form, and have a checkbox next to each record. You could check the checkboxes next to the records that you approve and click 'submit' to copy them to the final destination (webmail inbox style).

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Look at how Wordpress handles comments. There is an option to require moderation for comments from email addresses that have not previously submitted a message that passed moderation. This seems to be a fairly effective means of reducing the automated spam.

Also, look at some of the turing tests like hiding a form field and requiring it to remain empty or using captcha, or akismet.

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