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I am new to Android programming. I have the basic GCM functionality up and running. However, Now I need to Suspend/Resume the GCM with a button (ie, if suspended The server should still be able to send message and the client should be able to receive (if ttl not expired) the message when resumed back by the user). I am using standard GCMBroadcastReceiver and .GCMIntentService in the GCM client. The default state is enabled for GCMBroadcastReceiver.

I tried to Enable/Disable GCMBroadcastReceiver with :

    PackageManager pm = getApplicationContext().getPackageManager();

In the default enabled state, the application receives messages. When disabled and enabled back on , no queued messages are received, but messages sent from then on are received correctly.
I know without the code , it will be difficult to say, but Is there anything wrong with the approach here? Any help will be much appreciated . Thanks In advance!

Edited : The messages are infact CANCELLED in the client as there is no receiver. Is there anyway I can make GCM server queue the message and send to client only when application enabled?

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at first: write your code in {} mode please. – dan Dec 28 '12 at 13:05
Thanks Dan. Have done that – user1386173 Dec 28 '12 at 13:22

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