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In the Z3 options we get -

Search heuristics:
  -rd:num     random case-split frequency (default: 2).
  -rs:num     random seed.

I am wondering, if there is an C API to set the random seed?

I use the following API to set the timeout. Is there anything similar for random seed?

params = Z3_mk_params(ctx);         
Z3_params_set_uint(ctx, params, Z3_mk_string_symbol(ctx, ":timeout"),  timeout);            
Z3_solver_set_params(ctx, solver, params);

Thanks !

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The name of the parameter is :random-seed. The value is also a unsigned int.

That being said, the next Z3 version (v4.3.2) will have much better support for setting parameters. The improvements are already available in the unstable (work-in-progress) branch at http://z3.codeplex.com.

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Just to clarify, does random-seed guarantee me that I will get the same model each time I run z3? Thanks! –  rsinha Mar 31 '14 at 3:24
Yes. Z3 is supposed to be deterministic. Given a set of input parameters and a platform (e.g., Linux), Z3 should produce always the same result. If this is not the case, then it is a bug in Z3, and it should be fixed. We fixed bugs like that in the past. –  Leonardo de Moura Apr 1 '14 at 20:57

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