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Is there any IDE (linux based) for PHP that can be used to debug? Or any one can help me to configure debug properties/settings of eclipse? Now i am using ubuntu 9.04. i have tried to debug but havn't tried to configure, because i don't know how to configure it. can you tell me the exact way? please help me.

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I'll ask the same question I asked on your previous question (… ) : With Eclipse PDT, what did you try ? Which tutorial did you follow, if any ? What kind of difficulty / error / problem are you experiencing ? (the more details, the more some will likely be able to help) – Pascal MARTIN Sep 10 '09 at 18:49
i will inform you day after tomorrow, because i am very far from my regular PC. – Sadat Sep 10 '09 at 19:01
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I use ActiveState Komodo IDE 5 w/ xdebug & xdebug helper firefox extension.

** You can use most of the info below for any IDE that supports xdebug **

You need to add the xdebug information to your php.ini.


Then, in preferences->languages->php, go thru the debugger wizard. Next you must turn on "listen for debugging connections" in Komodo IDE under the Debug dropdown.

Setup the xdebug helper firefox addon and enter the required info in its config dialog for your debug server, restart firefox and click the icon in the lower right corner to begin using xdebug on a page.

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I recommend Eclipse PDT with Xdebug.

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You can also try Aptana (based in Eclipse) or NetBeans.

Working with NetBeans and PHP is really simple. ou can follow this tutorial

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I am using PHPStorm with xdebug. Works quite well :)

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