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How can Receive/SendReply be reused in WF (4)? E.g

Receive/SendReply (Start)
Process data
Decision (data is valid?)
      1) Receive/SendReply (Confirm)
      2) Receive/SendReply (Input data)
      3) Receive/SendReply (Restart)
      1) Receive/SendReply (Input data)
      2) Receive/SendReply (Restart)

It should be possible to call Input data and Restart in two different Picks.

Currently I'm using WF 4, but I'd like to hear if 4.5 has a simpler solution.

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Just create a custom composite activity and add the Receive/SendReply pair to that and reuse the that custom activity in multiple places. This has been the basic reuse mechanism in WF4 since its release.

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How about if one needs to put Receive in the Trigger and SendReply in the Action of the PickBranch? Is it possible to create reusable PickBranch? –  Mika Kolari Dec 31 '12 at 10:09
The PickBranch activity is sealed so not much you can do there. The best option would be to create a Sequence with the preconfigued Receive and another with the preconfigured SendReply. That said in quite a few cases you can get away with the Receive/SendReply pair in the PickBranch trigger. –  Maurice Dec 31 '12 at 11:19

PickBranch is sealed, so you can't go the x:Class route. It's a hack, but you may be able to use a custom MarkupExtension to achieve your needs.

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