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I have drawn custom shapes in kineticjs using Kinetic.Shape and then I am tring to attach mouse events to this shape. However the event is never firing:

var myShape = new Kinetic.Shape({
      drawFunc: function (canvas) {
              var context = canvas.getContext();
              context .beginPath();
              context .moveTo(47.1, 139.8);
              context .lineTo(50.5, 137.6);
              context .closePath();
              context .fillStyle = color;
              context .fill();

          fill: '#2369e7',
          stroke: 'black',
          strokeWidth: 2

myShape.on('mousedown', function ()
          //this never fires

I tried events with Circle and Rectangle like the sample documents and it works. However with Kinetic.Shape objects, the events never fire. Any idea?

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perhaps there's something like a containsFunc that you need to implement as well? – Jan Dvorak Dec 28 '12 at 15:32

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Fixed it by adding this at the end of drawFunc:

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