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I have the below custom attribute; it is to label interfaces that need explicit registration rather than depending on registration by convention in Castle Windsor:

using System;

        AttributeTargets.Interface | AttributeTargets.Class, 
        Inherited = true)]
public class ExplicitDependencyRegistrationRequiredAttribute : Attribute

This is then applied to the interface like so:

using Dependencies.Attributes;

public interface IRandomNumberGenerator
    int GetRandomNumber(int max);

Which has a simple concrete implementation below:

using System;

public class RandomNumberGenerator : IRandomNumberGenerator
    private readonly Random random = new Random();

    public int GetRandomNumber(int max)
        return random.Next(max);

The idea is that when registering components by convention in Castle Windsor we don't have to worry about duplicating registrations or adding exceptions; instead we just need to ensure the interface is marked with this attribute. Then the code to filter it is below:

Type exclusionType = typeof(ExplicitDependencyRegistrationRequiredAttribute);

BasedOnDescriptor selectedTypes =
      .Where(t => !Attribute.IsDefined(t, exclusionType, true))

The problem is that the Attribute.IsDefined filter does not seem to be working, the components inheriting from an interface with the attribute present are still being registered.

When I explicitly add the attribute to the RandomNumberGenerator class the filter works; however it does not appear to be inheriting from the interface or Castle Windsor is not correctly picking up the custom attribute.

Any help would be appreciated

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Attributes on interfaces are not inherited by the class implementing the interface. You need to declare the attribute (again) on the class for it to work the way you want.

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