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I'm using travis (0.0.6) and I get the same error as described in Add secret environment variable to Travis CI:

[bdu-padrino (master)]$ travis encrypt mariusbutuc/bdu-padrino MY_SECRET_ENV=super_secret

About to encrypt 'MY_SECRET_ENV=super_secret' for 'mariusbutuc/bdu-padrino'

There was an error while fetching public key, please check if you entered correct slug

even after editing lib/travis/cli/secure_key.rb to

  • use either https or http URL to retrieve the public key,
  • either skip the SSL certificate verification or not.

What else can I check to ensure encrypting works?

Also in the browser, travis-ci.org/mariusbutuc/bdu-padrino.json shows Loading forever...

What's expected to be rendered here?

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Version 0.0.6—or any version prior to 0.0.10—fails because the endpoint for keys has been changed.

To fix it, simply update lib/travis/cli/secure_key.rb to the one in version 0.0.10,
or update the gem.

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