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I'm developing an iOS application and I have a problem: The structure of my app is the next:

  • UITabBar

    • UINavigationController for listing places (1) and, when I select one of them, another ViewController appear with the details(2)

    • UINavigationController for listing my inbox(3) and when I select, another ViewController appear with the details(4).

I want to do the next: When I push one button in the view of place's details(2), loading a new view for the details of the conversation(4) and this one has to be like a normal view with its navigation for view(3) as if I'd access through the view(3) and then (4).

Thanks in advance

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From View 3 detailButtonTapped event call. [self.navigationController pushViewController:detailVC animated:YES];

self is the 3rd Viewcontroller that has the detail button and is already pushed into a navigation controller or has a navigationcontroller associated with it by the init method of navigation controller initWithRootViewController:3rdController

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