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I have an ASP.NET server that I do not have direct access to. How can I write a .NET application that will programmatically determine whether ASP.NET is running 32 bit vs. 64 bit?

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The easiest way is to do this:

Int32 addressWidth = IntPtr.Size * 8;

since IntPtr.Size is 4 bytes on 32-bit architecture and 8 bytes on 64-bit architecture.

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You can use PInvoke

This is a code sample found here.

private enum Platform

internal const ushort PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL = 0;
internal const ushort PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_IA64 = 6;
internal const ushort PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 = 9;

internal struct SYSTEM_INFO
    public ushort wProcessorArchitecture;
    public ushort wReserved;
    public uint dwPageSize;
    public IntPtr lpMinimumApplicationAddress;
    public IntPtr lpMaximumApplicationAddress;
    public UIntPtr dwActiveProcessorMask;
    public uint dwNumberOfProcessors;
    public uint dwProcessorType;
    public uint dwAllocationGranularity;
    public ushort wProcessorLevel;
    public ushort wProcessorRevision;

internal static extern void GetNativeSystemInfo(ref SYSTEM_INFO lpSystemInfo);        

private static Platform GetPlatform()
    SYSTEM_INFO sysInfo = new SYSTEM_INFO();
    GetNativeSystemInfo(ref sysInfo);

    switch (sysInfo.wProcessorArchitecture)
            return Platform.X64;

            return Platform.X86;

            return Platform.Unknown;
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This is a good solution if your .NET app is running with a forced x86 compile flag for other reasons, but you still need to determine if the host system is 64 bit. – Mike Dec 17 '09 at 13:54

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