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Why do I need doGet or doPost methods?

Can't I write everything in service method?

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What is your objection to using doGet and doPost? – Abhishek kumar Dec 28 '12 at 16:56

Can't I write everything in service method?

Yes, you can, if you like; just override HttpServlet's implementation of service in your subclass, which dispatches to doPost, doGet, etc., as necessary. I wouldn't recommend it (the verbs really are different things and nearly always require different implementations), but you can do it.

Without having a magic view into the minds of the people who designed HttpServlet, I can only speculate that as different verbs are pretty different operations, they thought it would be helpful to have the verbs automatically dispatched to specific named methods.

Note that if you override service in HttpServlet, you may find that toolkits or extensions won't work properly (this is entirely hypothetical), if they're expecting you to use doPost and such instead.

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