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I am trying to make a function for overloading operator + so I try this:

 // Joins eClasses.
        eClass operator+(const eClass& cls)const{
            eClass temp;
            for(int i=0; i<=student_count;++i){
            for(int i=0; i<=student_count;++i){
            return temp;

this code is in my class named eClass this is a prototype version of my eClass without the implementation οf functions

class eClass {
    Teacher* teacher;
    string eclass_name;
    Student* students[MAX_CLASS_SIZE];
    unsigned int student_count;
    eClass(Teacher&, string);
    ~eClass(); // Should free all dynamically-allocated
    // memory.
    bool exists(Student); // Returns TRUE if a student exists
    // in students[];
    // otherwise returns FALSE.
    void add(Student&); // Add a student in students[].

eClass operator+(eClass&); // Joins eClasses.

    Teacher getTeacher(void) { return *teacher; }
    string getEclassName(void) { return eclass_name; }
    unsigned int getStudentCount(void) { return student_count; }
    Student getStudent(int i) { return *students[i-1]; }

so compiler gives me that error:

In member function 'eClass eClass::operator+(eClass)
line 127 error: no matching function for call to 'eClass::eClass()
line 95  note:candidates are: eClass::eClass(Teacher*, std::string)
line 87  note:eClass::eClass(const eClass&)
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You have no default ctor. Define it or construct properly:

eClass temp(cls); // or eClass temp(*this);
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i Change eClass temp; with eClass temp=*this; and i solve that error! – sudogetit Dec 28 '12 at 19:28

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