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As far as I understand, an App can post into a User's Timeline.

My question is, how much can you customase/style this post? I believe you can, at least, add a custom image and links. Can you also add HTML elements and CSS?

for example, nikeplus and RunKeeper seem to add some basic styling:

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Short answer
No you can't.

Longer answer with more details
What you're looking for is called an Open Graph Action, it's not the usual Facebook status update. What you see in the screenshot linked by you, is an aggregation of all Open Graph Actions of a specific type.

You can not customize the layout of this aggregation. You can just select one of the 6 basic layouts and configure how the actions should be aggregated, sorted and/or filtered.

You can setup your own actions by going to the Facebook Developer Center, select one of your FB Apps, set a namespace in the basic settings (if not already done) and then got to "Open Graph". Once you've set up your own actions you can create your aggregations.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Open Graph Actions Aggregation

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