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I have downloaded and set the JSON parser for VB6 from this website: VB-JSON

I cannot understand how this module works. I successfuly set it in Excel 2010 and I think I also understand the JSON format but I don't know how this class extracts the items. I tried to parsed the following text in the JSON format

{"realms":[{"type":"pvp","population":"low","queue":false,"wintergrasp":{"area":1,"controlling-faction":1,"status":0,"next":1356724174636},"tol-barad":{"area":21,"controlling-faction":1,"status":0,"next":1356723246779},"status":true,"name":"Kor'gall","slug":"korgall","battlegroup":"Cruelty / Crueldad","locale":"en_GB","timezone":"Europe/Paris"},{"type":"pve","population":"medium","queue":false,"wintergrasp":{"area":1,"controlling-faction":0,"status":0,"next":1356724425638},"tol-barad":{"area":21,"controlling-faction":0,"status":0,"next":1356723369780},"status":true,"name":"Alonsus","slug":"alonsus","battlegroup":"Cruelty / Crueldad","locale":"en_GB","timezone":"Europe/Paris"}]}

A browser will return this content when the following address is used: Alonsus, Kor'gall

I wrote a code similar to this

Dim objJSON As Object
strData = objJSON.Item("Realms")(1).Item("Type")

but it causes errors: "Object variable or With block variable not set". I expected to get "pve" value. I am confused because it starts with an object name "realms" followed by an Array. The array is supposed to be returned as a collection. I would be grateful for any help with that.


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set objJSON = JSON.Parse(jsonFromUrl)
strData = objJSON.Item("realms").Item(1).Item("type")

Keys inside json is case-sensitive.

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