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I am coming from a ASP.Net MVC world where Microsoft provides the LinkExtensions.ActionLink method in Razor (their version of JSP) to generate anchor element (a element) to a specific controller/action.

The concept is pretty simple: the Razor (JSP) code references the controller and action, the ActionLink function does the hard work of generating the correct URI to get to that controller/action.

Is there anything like this in Spring MVC?

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The Java-world analogue to ASP.Net MVC isn't Spring MVC, it's Grails (or Play). And Grails does have this feature. – Nathan Hughes Dec 28 '12 at 19:38

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Unfortunately, Spring doesn't support this at the moment, although there is a feature request for it. The best you can do right know is use <spring:url> and hardcode the path to the controller and action. <spring:url> will give you a context-root-relative URL.

Part of the difficulty in implementing this is that Spring gives you the power to arbitrarily define your mappings (i.e. with @RequestMapping). So if you're not using ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping it can be an issue.

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