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I have little experience using Heroku.

I wanted to get my multiplayer (realtime interactive) flash game up on facebook and ran into some https issue. After hours of trying to find a solution that didn't require hundreds of dollars to purchase and figure out ssl certs, I discovered the option of linking my facebook app through Heroku.

Basically i've been using Heroku as a webserver with the client that connects to the remote game server.

I see a ton of add-ons, dynos, and all sorts of options with Heroku.

The game server is coded in VB.NET. Is there any possible way of getting it hosted on Heroku? (maybe an add-on?)

Also, I have had a hard time finding simplified information on Heroku (Heroku for dummies type style lol). Any links for simplified sources would be very appreciated.

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Why Heroku for SSL?

Purchasing a DV (domain validated) SSL certificate can be less than 10 USD per year. Why spending 20 USD per month for the Heroku SSL Addon?

.NET application on Heroku

As heroku is running linux (Ubuntu 10.04 according to this official article), you may try to run your .NET application with Mono. (Mono VB.NET support)

You may want to read:

hope this helps.

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Thank you! This is what I was looking for –  Ryan Baillargeon Mar 11 '13 at 23:12

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