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I am using Strophe JS & Openfire to do simple pubsub.

Setup :

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Openfire : 3.7.0
  • Strophe JS,Strophe plugin for pubsub.
  • Tomcat 6:Serving webpage

Use case:

Two browser Window with two different user session(xmpp session)



 //XConn represents Strophe Connection
//creating PUBSUB NODE (Firefox)
    function (){ 

 //Adding subscriber to created node  (Chrome)
  function(msg){ console.log(msg);},
  function(sub){ }

   //publishing item to node (Firefox)
   XConn.pubsub.publish(XConn.jid,'pubsub.localhost','PUBSUB_NODE',[ '<item><book xmlns="pubsub:test:book"><title>Book1</title></book></item>']);
  XConn.pubsub.publish(XConn.jid,'pubsub.localhost','PUBSUB_NODE',[ '<item><book    xmlns="pubsub:test:book"><title>Book2</title></book></item>']);

I am expecting that both the messages published by publisher(firefox) should get printed on chrome(subscriber) console. But it just prints the first one, looks like Subscribe-callback gets called only once.

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I figured out the problem with subscription call back. Strophe JS plugin(pubsub) requires to return 'true' from callback if interested to get more triggers.

So changing call-back to return true worked.

Code change to above snippet :

 //Adding subscriber to created node  (Chrome)
    function(msg){ console.log(msg); return true; },
    function(sub){ return true;}
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