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Firstly I've encountered a problem of ordering of my layers, which made my JInternalFrame appear under other components. This has been quickly fixed though, after setting z-order to 0.

After little testing I realized, that when mouse is over some other component like button or table cell, it "leaks" over my JInternalFrame, somehow losing focus partially, as in the image provided.Leak of content

I add my new Frame this way:

    JInternalFrame my = new JInternalFrame( "..", true, true, false, false );

What's the easiest way to fix that?


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Always add a JInternalFrame to a JDesktopPane rather than directly to a JFrame.

From How to Use Internal Frames

Usually, you add internal frames to a desktop pane. The desktop pane, in turn, might be used as the content pane of a JFrame.

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Thanks, that works great. I packed all components into JDesktopPane, and attached my new JInternalFrame to this pane. –  makciook Dec 29 '12 at 12:07

Don't change the z-order, instead - in the add method, use:

this.getContentPane().add(my, new Integer(0));

(Assuming getContentPane() refers to a JDesktopPane)

The int method, does completely something else. Since this exists, no auto-boxing will be done...

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