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Given the DOM:

<div id='container'>
  <div class='thing' id='thing_dome_id'>
    <div class='heading'>
      <div class='total'>0</div>

    <div class='items'>

      <div class='item' id='some_dom_id_1'>
        <div class='estimate'>13</div>

      <div class='item' id='some_dom_id_2'>
        <div class='estimate'>8</div>



I need to update the ".total" on page load, and whenever another item is added/removed to the ".items" (that code is already in place).

So how do I update the ".total" based on the .estimate's of the items via coffeescript?

I know it should look something like:

  $('#container .thing').live ->
    total = 0
    $('#container .thing .items .estimate').each ->
      total += parseInt($(this).text())
    $('#container .thing .total').html(total)

But I'm obviously getting parse errors.

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Don't use live. Also, you need to be handling some kind of event, or this code will never be triggered. And what parse errors are you seeing? –  Mathletics Dec 28 '12 at 20:14
Uncaught TypeError: Object function ... but now I think the problem is with live –  user1935272 Dec 28 '12 at 20:53

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