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I have a weekly spreadsheet type display of hours for an employee. It displays this week fine. But, I'd like them to be able to go forward a week or back a week.

The working display code is:

<% showdate = DateTime.now%>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date - 1.day%></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date %></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date + 1.day %></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date + 2.day  %></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date + 3.day  %></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date + 4.day  %></strong></td>
<td><strong><%= showdate.beginning_of_week.to_date + 5.day  %></strong></td>

I have a button group:

<div class="btn-group-wrap">
 <button class="btn btn-primary">- 1</button>
<button class="btn btn-success">+ 1</button>

When the user presses the -1 button, I would like to change the showdate to -1.week and refresh the page.

How would I accomplish that?

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Your assignment of showdate could be <% showdate = DateTime.now + (params[:offset].to_i.weeks %> and then the +1 button could go to http://your/url?offset=<%= params[:offset].to_i + 1 %>.

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Thanks for the help! –  Reddirt Dec 30 '12 at 20:56

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