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I am running a webapp using spring and i use xstream as my serializing tool. I have defined a marsheller to include custom converters, but when reading a xml it seems that the converters i registered are ignored since xstream doesnt manage to parse some fields correctly.

Here is the init function of the marshaller:

public void init() {
    XStream xstream = new XStream() {

        protected MapperWrapper wrapMapper(MapperWrapper next) {
            return new MapperWrapper(next) {

                public boolean shouldSerializeMember(Class definedIn, String fieldName) {
                    return definedIn != Object.class ? super.shouldSerializeMember(definedIn, fieldName) : false;


    xstream.addDefaultImplementation(ArrayList.class, PersistentList.class);
    xstream.addDefaultImplementation(ArrayList.class, PersistentBag.class);
    xstream.addDefaultImplementation(HashMap.class, PersistentMap.class); 
    xstream.addDefaultImplementation(java.util.HashSet.class, PersistentSet.class);

    xstream.alias("Array", PersistentBag.class);
    xstream.alias("list", PersistentBag.class);

    Mapper mapper = xstream.getMapper();
    xstream.registerConverter(new HibernateCollectionConverter(mapper));
    xstream.registerConverter(new HibernateMapConverter(mapper));
    xstream.registerConverter(new DateConverter());
    xstream.registerConverter(new TimeStampCustomConverter());
    xstream.registerConverter(new LongConverter());
    xstream.registerConverter(new IntConverter());
    xstream.registerConverter(new DoubleConverter());


What am i missing?

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This code seems to set up an XStream instance but then throw it away. Are you saving a reference to the XStream object somewhere other than in your local variable? –  Ian Roberts Dec 28 '12 at 20:41
@Ian, you are correct... i changed the way i get the xstream in order to override a function, thank you! Please submit this as an answer so i can accept it –  Noam Nevo Dec 28 '12 at 21:03
done. Thanks, glad it helped. –  Ian Roberts Dec 28 '12 at 21:18

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You register converters etc. on a specific instance of the XStream class, so you need to save a reference to your configured XStream somewhere other than in a local variable of your init() method. Or alternatively, make it a method that returns the XStream and then call that whenever you need a marshaller:

protected XStream createXStream() {
  XStream xs = new XStream();
  // ...
  return xs;
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