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I have multiple resources (:countries, :states, :schools etc.) but would like a single "Dashboard" controller to handle all the actions.

I would like to be able to do the following:

countries_path would direct me to a show_countries action in the DashboardController and be accesible by '/dashboard/countries.

Likewise for states, schools, etc.

I've read up on Rails routing and have been messing around with various options. I ended up with the following in my routes.rb file:

scope "toolbox" do
  resources :countries, :controller => "toolbox", :only => :index do
    get 'show_countries', :on => :collection


Running rake routes gives me the following for the code above:

show_countries_countries GET    /toolbox/countries/show_countries(.:format)  {:action=>"show_countries", :controller=>"toolbox"}
countries GET    /toolbox/countries(.:format)  {:action=>"index", :controller=>"toolbox"}

I've tried this:

scope "toolbox" do
  resources :countries, :controller => "toolbox", :only => :index, :action => "show_countries"

only to get this route:

countries GET    /toolbox/countries(.:format)  {:action=>"index", :controller=>"toolbox"}

What I really want is this:

countries GET    /toolbox/countries(.:format)  {:action=>"show_countries", :controller=>"toolbox"}

Any ideas?

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You just have to think outside of the 'resources' box:

scope "toolbox", :controller => :toolbox do
  get 'countries' => :show_countries
  get 'states' => :show_states
  get 'schools' => :show_shools

Should output routes like this:

countries GET /toolbox/countries(.:format) toolbox#show_countries
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Perfect. Thank you! –  mmichael Jan 2 '13 at 15:24

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