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I am documenting a program i built in PHP with phpDocumentor. Everything is working perfect, but the documentation shows me i have close to 100 errors because it is reading a file that i use to upload files into my server, but i didn't create. Is it possible to ignore that specific file that is giving me all the errors? This is the command that i am executing to generate the documentation file:

phpdoc run -d /var/www/html/myprogram/ -t /var/www/html/myprogram/documentation

The file i'm trying to ignore is located inside the /myprogram directory like this:


I found some information about the use of --ignore, but i don't know if that refers to something specific with the directories.

Is it possible to write something in the index.php file that instructs phpDocumentor to ignore some files?

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The --ignore flag will accept a single filename (as well as directory names or glob expressions):

phpdoc run --ignore /var/www/html/myprogram/modules/module1/uploader.php -d /var/www/html/myprogram/ -t /var/www/html/myprogram/documentation

Or since it will accept a partial directory, it could be shortened to:

phpdoc run --ignore modules/module1/uploader.php -d /var/www/html/myprogram/ -t /var/www/html/myprogram/documentation
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Thanks for your help, second one did the job for me :D – Tales Dec 28 '12 at 20:50

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