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I am trying to capture online streamed content process them image by image. I have the API's written for images in openCV in python 2.7 I am just trying to extend this and see explore different possibilities (and ofcourse choose the best method) for capturing and processing these online video streams. Can this be done in openCV? If not(or simpler) any other alternative (python alternative highly preferred)?

Thanks Ajay

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OpenCV is best suited for real time image processing...you can use OpenCV with C/C++ also...other libraries like ITK are also there...but lot depends on your application...if its real time (20 - 40 fps) OpenCV is best suited...C/C++ will add advantage as its a compiled language (Python I presume is an interpreted language...correct me if I am wrong coz I know very less about python)...however some APIs which python uses for OpenCV are nothing but wrappers around C/C++ code...so performance is not an issue as such...lot depends on your application.. –  rotating_image Dec 29 '12 at 10:28
Thanks for replying. Is openCV capable of capturing online video streams? –  Ajay Nair Dec 29 '12 at 19:16

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