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For most of my projects, I setup an "archive" scheme to archive my project, creating an IPA and DSYM that I can upload to TestFlight.

However, I'm working on a more complicated project that has several targets within the project workspace, quite a few static linked libraries. I have gone through each target and set the following for all configurations:

  • Deployment Postprocessing -> NO
  • Strip Linked Product... -> No
  • Strip Debug... -> No
  • Generate Debug Symbols -> Yes
  • Debug Information... -> DWARF with DSYM

I am using XCode 4.5.2. I have done this for multitudes of projects with no issues. This is the first where something seems to be preventing the DSYM file from being created.

No matter what I try, my archive build will not generate a .DSYM file

Any ideas?

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A few tips for researching.

  • Check the Log Navigator. I went into this view (one I rarely use so I tend to forget it exists), and I realized the .DSym file was in fact being created.

  • Check build directory configs to see if they are default or my case, they were custom, so they weren't being put in the typical default location.

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The Log Navigator is also known as the Report Navigator – Jarson Feb 13 at 17:03

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