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I have two stored procedure sp1 and sp2

sp1 returns results


sp2 returns results


I have a table called test that has two columns value1 and value2, how to insert sp1 result in value1 column and sp2 result in value2 column in test table?

I am using this

  insert into test 
     exec [sp1], exec [sp2]

It is causing an error but it is working for single value please click following link

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How will you correlate the rows from the two tables? Is it okay to order by value1 and value2? What do you do if one SP returns more rows than the other? Why are you even doing this at all? It really doesn't make sense for the two SPs, if they are returning separate rowsets, to be correlated in any way. Please help us understand the meaning and purpose of what you want. –  ErikE Dec 28 '12 at 21:38

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The only way I can think of is the following:

declare @t1 as table (id int identity(1,1), val int);
declare @t2 as table (id int identity(1,1), val int);

insert into @t1 (val)
    exec sp1;

insert into @t2 (val)
    exec sp2;

insert into test
    select t1.val, t2.val
    from @t1 t1 full outer join
         @t2 t2
         on t1.id = t2.id
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it's awesome methodology.. –  Sunny Dec 28 '12 at 21:43
Here's a SQLfiddle for it if you want it –  Conrad Frix Dec 28 '12 at 22:04

If these are functions you can do the following, pseudocode:

first_val = select sp1();  
second_val = select sp2();

insert into test values (first_val,second_val);

This may work as well:

insert into test values (select sp1(),select sp2());

You cannot use procedures as there is no way to return a value from a procedure.

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