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I would really like to stay with my current implementation of auto-complete done via ajax toolkit, as it was relatively easy to implement it via C#.

I could see the jQuery autocomplete has a lot of styling themes, like in links below (rounded corners, well designed style, etc.)

How could I set a CssStyle like that on an AjaxToolKit AutoComplete Extender ?

If there is someone that knows how to simply do it, or has a nice style ready to be used or even a link, I will really appreciate it.

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trying the first link from search you get this great tutorial on how to style

AjaxToolKit AutoComplete Extender


the reason why jquery make look so stylish is because they provide a default style to it

but whit AjaxToolKit AutoComplete Extender you got to play with CSS to make it look the way you want

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thanks @CT i would try it ...if i had a well established base..just to start from , it is by far a basic(skeleton) a tutorial of how to asociate the classes to act on each CSS property of the extender eg CompletionListCssClass + CompletionListItemCssClass....etc' , though not how to make a list item be like a little div rounded gradient or it does not set a default looks to start from as i am really bad designer ...i will take ages to apply a stylish result..thanks though –  Avia Afer Dec 28 '12 at 23:34

I've created a Meteor autocomplete extender, which allows both free text and multiple autocomplete sources. Meteor's data model allows for fast multi-rule searching with custom rendered lists.

I used the CSS style from jquery-sew. See their demo here or the CSS here.

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