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When deploying meteor apps to Heroku or another non-meteor hosted infrastructure and using third party OAuth login service packages, such as accounts-facebook, one must concern himself with securely maintaining the API keys and API secrets for each third party login service.

How may I securely maintain environment specific secure information for different types of environments (for example, development, staging, and production) in that context?

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In maintaining a deployment strategy, where there are development, staging, and production environments, and code is moved through those layers, starting with dev boxes, and ending with production, one need to consider two things: not committing secure information to a VCS system like git, and ease of environment configuration maintenance.

One may consider using environment variables for the above use case.

For example, to configure accounts-facebook, you might write the following in your meteor application's server/config.js:

  service: "facebook"

  service: "facebook",
  appId: process.env.FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
  secret: process.env.FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET

The following lines are essential:

appId: process.env.FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
secret: process.env.FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET

process.env gets you access to all the environment variables.

Then, you may just set the environment variables FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET specific to your environment - dev, staging, or production.

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