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An user has more tasks, 1 : N connection.


 task1 2011/01/01 00:00:01
 task2 2011/01/01 00:00:04
 task3 2011/01/01 00:00:02
 task1 2011/03/01 00:01:01
 task2 2011/03/01 00:01:04
 task3 2011/03/01 00:01:02

(see the schema from my previous question)

How to left join the user and the last "task", not get all of them?

The matter is I dont know how to do it with pure SQL... I saw some example here, but they are not working.

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If we consider that you have the user id inside $user_id and according to your schema in a previous question, you can try this:

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->select('u.*, t.*')
    ->from('User u')
    ->leftJoin('u.Task t')
    ->where(' IN (SELECT FROM Task t2 WHERE t2.owner_id = ? ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 1)', array($user_id));
$res = $q->execute();

Here is the documentation for subqueries in Doctrine.

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Complicated, I rather chosen to solve it with one more query :) – user1929946 Jan 3 '13 at 19:48
That's another solution, I sometimes prefer to use less queries :-) – j0k Jan 3 '13 at 20:38

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