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I have the next code

    if ($.cookie('show-tooltip') != "false") {
                content: {
                    text: 'some text', 
                    title: {
                        text: '',
                        button: true
                show: {
    event: false,
    ready: true
                position: {
                    my: 'bottom left', 
                    at: 'top left', 
                       adjust: {
                         x: 80,
                         y: 30
        events: {
            hide: function() {
                $.cookie('show-tooltip', false);
                console.log( $.cookie('show-tooltip') )
                style: {
                    classes: 'qtip-shadow qtip-dark'

}); ​

I have some issues:

1.If I pass the click arrow in front of the logo, the qTip balloon (want it to stay open) closes.

2.Can't make it closing when the X (close button) is clicked only: I want to make it re-open each time the page is refreshed, unless you have clicked the X button before.

Can somebody guide me please ?

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@rajeshkakawat don't you think that in order to do the above code, I used those instructions ? I find your comment unconstructive and spam – demlasjr Dec 29 '12 at 16:25

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