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I have built a website to submit timesheets for my small business. It uses SQL statements to submit data to a Microsoft Access database via ODBC. I've now noticed whenever I use a single quote in my description box, it gives me an error.

I read up on this and am hearing lots of people say 'parameterize your queries', but I'm unsure on how to do that.

I have an HTML textbox on my website as such

<textarea name="JobDescription" cols="75" rows="8" id="otherpurch"></textarea><br>  

It's part of a form and is submitted along with various other things. How would I deal with the inclusion of single quotes in the description typed in this box? I have a .php file titled 'submit_form' where I'd imagine that would have to be done. What is the general procedure for parameterizing your queries? I'm a little confused on that.

Any help is immensely appreciated!

Here is how the data is sent from the textbox to the database.


//make connection to database, bail if no connection
$connection = odbc_pconnect('db','','');
if (!$connection) { exit("Connection Failed: " . $connection); }

//Send data (usually there are many other variables being sent, but I removed them
//for the purposes of showing you just the text being sent from the description box

$sql = "INSERT INTO TimeSheet ('$JobDescription')";
$rs = odbc_exec($connection, $sql);
if (!$rs) { exit("Error in SQL"); 
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The problem is not in the HTML, but in the PHP code saving the data back to the database. Post that. – Lucero Dec 29 '12 at 0:09
You cannot call mysql_real_escape_string() if you do not have an open mysql_connect() resource. In other words, it is not a generic function to use with any db API, and it may return an empty string... – Michael Berkowski Dec 29 '12 at 0:22
And the good news is that you learned about SQL Injection the easy way :) – SWeko Dec 29 '12 at 0:23
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Your intention to use parametrized SQL is correct, and Access via ODBC supports that as well.

For the functions to use instead of odbc_exec, see:

$JobDescription=$_POST['JobDescription']; // no escaping needed!

$connection = odbc_pconnect('db','','');
if (!$connection) { exit("Connection Failed: " . $connection); }

$stmt = odbc_prepare($connection, "INSERT INTO TimeSheet (?)");
$rs = odbc_execute($stmt, array($JobDescription));
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