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I learned how to find out which version of ClojureScript I'm using with lein-cljsbuild. Where can I find API documentation for cljs.core?

I had to find out about js-obj from a blog post.

I can look at the source code, but it's a large file and it's mostly clojure.core stuff.

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Not exactly thorough documentation, but this cheat sheet is really quite helpful when starting out (and better than nothing!):

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ClojureScript definitely has a documentation problem. You're actually not too bad off looking at the source; it's verbose but not too bad once you get used to it.

That said, one of the reasons nobody has produced a definitive ClojureScript API reference is that the core functions all mirror Clojure, so it would be quite a lot of redundant effort. If a function exists in both languages and doesn't work the same way, it's highly unusual and quite possibly a bug.

In practice, I find that using the Clojure API docs (or something like coupled with very occasional forays into the source code work pretty well for 99% of my cljs work.

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js-obj is in cljs.core which is only mostly mirroring Clojure. That function is essential for interop. I up-voted but didn't accept because you answered my question (the documentation doesn't exist), but I hope it will someday. :) – mqsoh Jan 6 '13 at 9:00

ClojureScript API Documentation is being worked on here:

For example:

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