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I'm using node.js with mongoose which cannot connect to the DB failing with authentication issue.

Using the connection env variable uri: :mongodb://root:***@[appname]-[user] And the result is: { [MongoError: auth fails] name: 'MongoError', errmsg: 'auth fails', ok: 0 }

Tried to build up own conn URI based on the environment variables like DOTCLOUD_DB_MONGODB_HOST etc, the URI is correct, passing to the env variable but the problem is still this based on the DB logs: db.0 Sat Dec 29 00:31:08 [conn66] auth: couldn't find user root, admin.system.users

Could anyone help me how to resolve this missing user root?

Thank you in advance!!!

update: I logged in to mongodb console on the mongodb node via "use admin" and cannot authenticate with that username and password either. Nor create a new user and password. :(

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Resolved. The dotcloud system has provisioned the db instance badly somehow. Creating a new app, everything is working fine.

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