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I have a few question to ask about implementing logger with log4j2 .

  1. Is log4j2 still in beta release stage ? If so any idea when will final release happen ?

  2. I noticed there are quite few changes that needs to be done with migrating from log4j1.2 to log4j2 . So one particular change i am conserned with is the following

    Logger.getLogger must be modified to LogManager.getLogger.

    So if this is a change then I have to change the static instance such as

    private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger( MyClass.class ) to

    private static Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger( MyClass.class ) right?

3.Is there way to write a custom class to call Logger.getLogger() and call this custom method in every class for instantiating ?


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1) As far as I know, future development of log4j is dropped.

The next project is slf4j, which is an abstract logger, with the default implementation logback.

2) I don't know if this change is needed, because I use slf4j now.

3) Why do that.. It's only 1 line for the logger object creation. But it is possible yes.

class MyLoggerFactory {
    public static Logger getLogger (Class clazz){
        return Logger.getLogger(clazz);

And called with MyLoggerFactory.getLogger(this.class); or something similar. I don't have an IDE right now.

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