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I'm completely new to Java and android. I ended a tutorial and I'm building a simple calculator to learn the ropes.

I basically have a view like this:

<button android:onClick="addText" android:text="2" />

And function addText is this:

public void addText(View view) { // Add view's text
    TextView calc = (TextView) findViewById(;
    t.setText( calc.getText() + ????? );

onclick it should add the text from the clicked button to a TextView. If you click 1, it does calc.getText() + "1" if you click 2 it does calc.getText() + "2". I don't know how to get the clicked view's text. I tried this: t.setText( calc.getText() + this.getText() ); which didn't work. How is this done?

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You can do this:

public void addText(View view) { // Add view's text
  Button button = (Button) view; //casts the View into the Button class
  TextView calc = (TextView) findViewById(;
  t.setText(calc.getText().toString() + button.getText().toString());

Since we know that Button is a subclass of View, and the getText() method works with buttons, we can make a new variable and turn the View parameter into a Button, via class casting. From there we can use all the Button's methods and continue with execution.

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Thanks. I just implemented it. Could you add some comments next to the second line explaining it. I would like to know more of how this works. It's ok anyway. – lisovaccaro Dec 29 '12 at 8:29
@Liso22 I added some more info. – A--C Dec 29 '12 at 16:14

Other way is by setting TAG object to your views

Button mButtonCalcOne = (Button) findViewById(;

OnClickListener mButtonListener = new OnClickListener()
    public void onClick( View v )
        int lButtonValue = (Integer) v.getTag();   //DO STH WITH IT ; )
mButtonCalcOne.setOnClickListener( mButtonListener );
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so basically, you have to add "onClick" function to your button, that gets the text from button -> then gets the text from textview -> And after sets the Text from TextView to the summatory of both texts.

TextView tv;
Button bt;

public void onClickButton(View v){
      bt = (Button) findViewById(;  // PUT YOUR BUTTON ID
      tv = (TextView) findViewById(;

      String str_bt = bt.getText().toString();
      String str_tv = tv.getText().toString();

      tv.setText(str_bt + str_tv);
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this would only work knowing before hand the id of the button. I mean, it would only work for a single button. I'm looking for something that works for all buttons, no matter the id. – lisovaccaro Dec 29 '12 at 8:27

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