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How can a recipe get a full list of the server tags?


How can a recipe check if a certain tag is set/present?

BTW: tagged? didn't work for me

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You can get all the tags of a node in recipe by node.tags or node[:tags]. So to check, if the certain tag is present, you need to:

node[:tags].include? 'mytag'

To get the full list of all the tags on all nodes you have to use search.

search( :node, '*:*' ).collect(:tags).flatten.uniq

But tagged? 'mytag' should work actually. Show your code.

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I'm having the same issue as @IgorM. my code is if tagged?("au") and I get an error: TemplateError (undefined method tagged?' for...` –  Dvir Levy Jan 22 at 15:16
I came across method called tagged? in Chef::Recipe .I want to check for some tag say 'active'. How do I get? rubydoc.info/github/opscode/chef/master/Chef/Recipe –  Addicted Aug 24 at 19:45

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