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how can the input dialog box can be avoided from directly close by the user without enter any value? for the 'menu' function we can form loop using while options==0 for unselected options but how about input dialog?

prompt = {'Enter gain:','Enter range:'};

dlg_title = 'Enter values';

num_lines= 1;

def = {'20','256'}; %default

answer = inputdlg(prompt,dlg_title,num_lines,def);

%%%to get the two entered values%%%%

%A = getfield(answer,{1}); %first input field

A = str2double(answer{1});

%B = getfield(answer,{2}); %second input field

B = str2double(answer{2});

suppose I have a input dialog as shown, how I can model it with the loop in complete way

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You cannot prevent it from being closed, but you can use a while-loop to re-open it until the user has entered a useful value.

done = false;
while ~done
    a=inputdlg('enter a number')
    num = str2double(a{1}); %# will turn empty and strings into NaN
    if isnumeric(num)
       done = true;
       %# keep running while loop
       %# you can pop up an errordlg box here to tell the user what was wrong.
       %# It would be nice if you were to set the inputs that passed the test
       %# as defaults for the next call of inputdlg. Nothing sucks as much 
       %# as having to completely re-fill a form because of a small typo
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I still not very clear with how to create the loop. I've edited my question could you give me a helping hand..thank you so much........ @Jonas –  green Dec 29 '12 at 4:37
Between how am I able to prompt an error message regarding the input in the dialog box that not satisfy a certain conditions and prevent the whole dialog box to be executed until all inputs are satisfied a certain conditions @Jonas –  green Dec 29 '12 at 4:50

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