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I'm trying to submit a form using HTMLUnit but it seems that the action attribute of the form is ignored once the http post is going to the same page. I'm getting the form on this URL:

And in the source code of this URL we can find that the action attribute is set to this URL:

But HTMLUnit always post to the first URL.

I'm using fiddler to analyse the request through a real web browser and through HTMLUnit and comparing the two HTTP POST it's easy to see that HTMLUnit is POSTing to the same site, i.e, the first URL mentioned.

I need that HTMLUnit POST to the second URL.

If anyone could help me I'll appreciate.

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Problem solved.

Instead of using:

HtmlPage page2 =;

I used:;
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I would use something simular to the following.

// Enter your username in feild

//Submit the form and get the result page       
HtmlPage pageResult = (HtmlPage) searchForm.getInputByValue("Search").click();

//Page results in raw html source code  
String html = pageResult.asXml();

    * filter source code if needed to collect desired data

//login via another server url
page = (HtmlPage) webClient.getPage("https://"+url);
HtmlForm LoginForm = page.getFormByName("Form1");

// login to web portal

//Submit the form and get the result page
HtmlPage pageResult = (HtmlPage) LoginForm.getInputByName("btnLogin").click();

Note: this htmlUnit code complys with htmlunit 2.15 API

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