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I'm trying to restore purchases just like iOS, and I can't figure out how to easily restore an IAP entitlement purchase with the Amazon API.

If I send another request with the SKU to the PurchasingManager, it returns a PurchaseResponse, but that PurchaseResponse doesn't return a valid Receipt if the SKU has already been purchased. It's null.

Seems like I would need that SKU to do any kind of processing.

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Found how to do this.

Turns out a different function call is needed instead of the initiatePurchaseRequest call.

PurchasingManager.initiatePurchaseUpdatesRequest(Offset offset)

This call gets all the purchases the user has made then returns them to the PurchasingObserver to be handled by:

PurchasingObserver.onPurchaseUpdatesResponse(PurchaseUpdatesResponse purchaseUpdatesResponse)
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