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In my web project I am fetching customer details from SQL DB server thru web-service and soap-call, and showing the same in web page (personal-details). Users can update their personal details from page. My problem is that- some users are new and we have only their DOB and CustomerId in database. Now I am trying to update new users details from page, all things are working fine but address and city is not updating. Here is website link with userid and password. https://www.starbazaarindia.com/test/index.aspx UserId (clubcard no)- SBS0050600092310 and password (DOB)- 19051985.


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Can you post the code from the page that is trying to save this info? –  Jeff French Dec 29 '12 at 4:54

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Try setting a debug break point on the service being called and debugging.

The service post is https and returns a 200 so without changing that or debugging we are blind to the error.

I suspect 5 mins in the debugger you will have a head-slap moment, then fix it.

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