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I have a function which accepts the argument bm (which is then passed to format()). At some point in the function, I would like to use the same argument bm and paste it to an element of a vector. As you can see from the minimal example, the strings are not the same. How can I (given the argument bm) use the argument bm and some sort of paste()... to get the same result as format() (namely \\, instead of \\\\,)?

bm <- "\\\\,"
x <- format(c(1,10000), big.mark=bm, trim=TRUE)
y <- x
y[1] <- paste0(bm, x[1])
y # both components should contain \\,
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Paste a version of bm without the first \...? – joran Dec 29 '12 at 4:30
This gives Error: '\,' is an unrecognized escape in character string starting "\\\," – Marius Hofert Dec 29 '12 at 8:23

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Not sure if this helps you but \\\\,1 has length 4 and 10\\,000 has length 7. I assume you wanted y[2] equal to R string 10\\\\,000. One way of doing this is to use encodeString() after you manipulate your string:

bm <- "\\\\," 
x <- encodeString(format(c(1,10000), big.mark=bm, trim=TRUE))
y <- x
y[1] <- paste0(bm, x[1])
# [1] "\\\\,1"     "10\\\\,000"
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