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I'm having trouble grabbing the fields in a class using reflection in Java:

public class CraftLib
    static List alloyRecipes = new ArrayList();
    public static HashSet damageOnCraft = new HashSet();
    public static HashMap damageContainer = new HashMap();

public static void addAlloyResult(ur output, Object[] input)
    alloyRecipes.add(Arrays.asList(new Object[] { input, output }));
//file continues

I try to grab the fields like this:

try {
    Field[] fields = Class.forName("class.path").getFields();
    for(Field f : fields) {
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

For some reason it is only able to grab the damageOnCraft and damageContainer fields, but the one I really need, alloyRecipes, is not grabbed. I can not edit the first file, so what would be the best way to get and edit that field?

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getFields() won't give you private, package-protected or protected fields if they are inaccessible.

(getFields()) Returns an array containing Field objects reflecting all the accessible public fields of the class or interface represented by this Class object

And apparently your package-protected alloyRecipes are not accessible in your case.

You need getDeclaredFields()

(getDeclaredFields()) Returns an array of Field objects reflecting all the fields declared by the class or interface represented by this Class object. This includes public, protected, default (package) access, and private fields, but excludes inherited fields.

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Put your class in the same package as the other one then it will be able to read package protected fields.

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