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As shown in magit, dired, elget and of course Emacs Customize buffers, and many other modes, there is the ability to create navigable lists in Emacs.

I will do some additional research myself, and will post updates.

But I wanted to reach out the the EmacsLisp community here to see if there was a standard way to do these sort of ncurses style interfaces, specifically a navigable list, I'll use El-Get as the model I'm trying to duplicate.

Assume Emacs24 if features are version specific.

Thank you.

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@wvxvw thank you – Slomojo Dec 29 '12 at 9:45
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I'll expand on Stefan's answer a little. tabulated-list-mode is indeed what you are looking for. Basically you define a derived mode with it's own mode-map. You then simply need to create a buffer, switch to your mode and then populate tabulated-list-entries and then call tabulated-list-init-header and tabulated-list-print.

You can see a simple example of usage with my mark-list extension.

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Excellent, +1 ∆ – Slomojo Jan 9 '13 at 6:26

Depending on the details, maybe tabulated-list-mode is a good start.

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