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I am facing a curious problem.I have a couchApp hosted on Iris couch.I purchased a domain name from godaddy and set my CNAME (WWW) to my database address on iris couch.When I type my domain name in the browser I get a couch db message


Now when I try to map my domain name ( to vhosts


it does not work.

My rewrites.json is defined as follows

   "from": "/home",
   "to": "_list/listRecentPostsHome/recentPosts",
   "method": "GET",
   "query": {
       "reduce": "false",
       "descending": "true",
       "limit": "10"

When I point my browser to address like this

it works.

However this

does not.I was hoping that the above url would work?What am I doing wrong?

I am guessing that there is some problem with vhosts configuration.

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All right this was a bit confusing.After talking to the guys at iris couch here

I found out that I was entering my domain name incorrectly in the vhosts configuration.There is no need for "http://".After changing this to just "" it worked.

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