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I have a FB page, I installed the FB WP plugin to my website. It wants an APP ID and App secret code. I click the link to do this - which supposedly goes to the page... but I get redirected to my account management screen. I go directly to the register and click App and again I get redirected back to my account management screen. I go to settings and see the apps icon. I click it. I see nowhere to add an App ID. What is the secret here? Why is FB making this so difficult?

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Its very simple ,, its being difficult for you because you are doing it for the first time !

Simply Visit Facebook App Page with your fb account . You will see a Create New App button on the top right corner of that page , click on it ,, and follow the procedure of filling the details for the app. After successful completion you will get an AppId as well as an AppSecret

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Thats the point when I click this. I just get redirected back to the FB admin page. There is no "Create New App button." By the way I did this for Google +1 in less than 5 min. I even tried to submit help. It ask for required fields that do not even appear so I can not even report it..... HELP !!! – user1474768 Dec 29 '12 at 8:22
have you did it through your fb account ?? It takes seconds to create an app on fb ! Anyways ,, you can make your problem more clear by uploading a screen shot of it ! – Ashutosh Singh Dec 29 '12 at 13:38
Sorry posted it as an answer - I though I could use their img update system as it does not exist here.... see answer 1. – user1474768 Dec 29 '12 at 16:51

Yes I logged as my FB account...yes I am the owner...yes the permission are set to full Manager. So when I click the following with the FB account: I get the following screen shot:


When I click settings on my account and then click apps I get the following screen shot:


Is I got my pages then update Info there is something on Apps here. I get the following screen shot:


One funny thing is that I had done some advertising. I have since closed the advertising account as you can see in screen shot 1. Though the account is closed as it says. It still displays the old account info. If you try to change it it says you have no permissions. I presume this is because the account is closed. To reactivate it you need to give them CC information. I'll be dammmnned if I have to give a CC to get this to work. So I hope this is not related to the issue. In any case this is a very confusing interface. If its closed and I can not update it - why display it... Argh FB!!!

In short I see no where where you can add an APP ID... To be honest as well over the past few weeks clicking around, i am constantly bumping into broken links ...

I finally submitted some how a report...but its not clear they will answer as there is no ticket tracking anywhere....this is not the first time I have tried this. They have never answered.

I can not believe that a big company with such a following has such terrible webmasters and support....truely amazing....

Lol...since I am a new user I can not post images.... u have to past back together the URLs of the pictures and paste into the browser to see the images..... how do you ever get support on FB....truely amazing.....

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Not sure I have the answer, but.... I tried this in my personal FB page and yes it works (but you have to regiser with an SMS sent code geezeee .... complicated). The issue is that this FB page is business. In order to get a an APP ID you need to give tax info, and payment info - which if your read their terms and conditions, you are allowing FB to submit bills with auto payment from your bank account. Which I do not at all want to allow.

So I guess it is impossible to get an App ID under these terms.

I was looking for a way to down grade to a personal account, and once again I find no way to do this. Perhaps someone knows how? FB has this once data goes in, they keep it forever policy.

Honnestly these FB people are really bad...why do people put up with this? The little benfit this ads for us, its a nightmare. I thinking of just deleting it all - if even possible.

Facebook ... what a time waster....

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Here is the answer to changing back a business to personal FB page: The answer is most likely NO...another reason not to use FB....argh!!! – user1474768 Dec 29 '12 at 21:09

It's simple, follow the steps of the Facebook App page (you must log on your Facebook) throught the developers link (at the end of the page) and select the App. If have any problem, search the plugin's code in my web

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Yesterday i faced problem with my site can't save change for my facebook app id or secret. I spent all day and can't fix problem until i find out my host can't reach facebook site...

I report to hosting provider and everything ok today. For anyone face that problem again and save the time by checking your host first, did it reach facbook host for call app service or not

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