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I am using UniversalImageLoader for my application. My ImageAdapter extends PagerAdapter. I need currentImage as Bitmap. By callback methood public void onLoadingComplete(Bitmap loadedImage) i am getting bitmap. But that is not that bitmap image currently showing. Either it is the next image or previous image (depending upon swaping). Here is the full code:

    private class ImagePagerAdapter extends PagerAdapter {
    private String[] images;
    private LayoutInflater inflater;

    ImagePagerAdapter(String[] images) {
        this.images = images;
        inflater = getLayoutInflater();

    public void destroyItem(View container, int position, Object object) {
        ((ViewPager) container).removeView((View) object);

    public void finishUpdate(View container) {

    public int getCount() {
        return images.length;

    public Object instantiateItem(View view, int position) {
        if (view != null) {
            final View imageLayout = inflater.inflate(
                    R.layout.item_pager_image, null);
            final ImageView imageView = (ImageView) imageLayout

            imageLoader.displayImage(images[position], imageView, options,
                    new ImageLoadingListener() {

                        public void onLoadingStarted() {

                        public void onLoadingFailed(FailReason failReason) {
                            //On Loading Failed Logic                               

                        public void onLoadingComplete(Bitmap loadedImage) {
                                                        bitmap = loadedImage;  

                        public void onLoadingCancelled() {
                            // Do nothing

            ((ViewPager) view).addView(imageLayout, 0);

            return imageLayout;
        } else
            return view;

    //Other override methood of ImagePager


Is there any way to get the proper bitmap.

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How to get current view - http://stackoverflow.com/a/8638772/913762

and then:

View currentView = ...
ImageView currentImageView = (ImageView) currentView.findViewById(...);
BitmapDrawable bd = (BitmapDrawable) currentImageView.getDrawable();
Bitmap bmp = bd.getBitmap();
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it worked. Thanks :) – ratulalahy Jan 3 '13 at 17:46

The problem comes when you inflate view: it's the same single instance that is used throughout the list, so when your asynchronous loading is complete, the image is changed when the viewpager is trying to paint a different item using the same imageView. Here is how I fix mine.

1)Create a class named ViewHolder

class ViewHolder {
    public ImageView image;

2) As soon as you finish inflating, create new ViewHolder object and bind it.

ViewHolder holder = new ViewHolder();
holder.image = (ImageView) imageLayout.findViewById(R.id.image_item_pager);

After that, you can use holder.image as normal ImageView.

Hope this help.

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Thanks for replay. My ImagePager is working fine. On the imageView exact image is loaded. Problem is getting the exact bitmap. @Override public void onLoadingComplete(Bitmap loadedImage) { bitmap = loadedImage; }This function load next or previous image after setting correct image. I need current bimap image. – ratulalahy Dec 29 '12 at 7:44
How about changing the method. imageLoader.displayImage(images[position], imageView) – Hein Dec 29 '12 at 7:51
cant understand. would you please explain.. – ratulalahy Dec 29 '12 at 8:33
Latest version of UniversalImageLoader library has displayImage method which require only image link and imageview as parameters. I've been using it for a while. – Hein Dec 30 '12 at 4:14
i was searching for currently displaying image in bitmap. @nostra 's solution worked. Thanks :) – ratulalahy Jan 3 '13 at 18:07

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