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How do I revert to 5 check-ins before HEAD (513b9c8)?

I mean revert in the sense of, not losing any of the commits up to now. I just want my newest check-in to look identical to 513b9c8 and I want HEAD to point to this new check-in. I don't want any new branches.

I tried git checkout 513b9c8 previously, but ran into problems with detached HEAD, etc...


jszakmeister's answer below works perfectly. Just make sure you are at the top of your working tree when executing the command.

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Try git checkout 513b9c8 -- . at the top of your working tree. If you're happy with the result, then commit it.

This form of git checkout treats turns the commit hash into a tree hash, and then applies it to your working tree without changing which branch you are on.

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+1 - works great! –  kfmfe04 Dec 29 '12 at 8:21

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