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This is my XML, I want to dynamically get the node/tag name (ex: wa, or, ca).

  <wa title='someValue'>
  <or title='val'>
    <data >ss</data>
  <ca title='val'>

the following is working but it gives only root node name

for each (var item:XML in xml) {
  trace (item.name());

the following one is going thought each element under root but not giving the node name

for each(var itemData:XML in xml.elements()) {
   trace ("itemCount " + itemData.name);

Please advise to get the node name under root

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name is a function. You forgot to use () :

for each(var itemData:XML in xml.elements()) {
   trace ("itemCount " + itemData.name());
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Thanks ... big mistake :( – shane john Dec 29 '12 at 18:00

You can try with localName() method return node name only .

for each(var itemData:XML in xml.elements()) 
    trace ("itemCount " + itemData.localName()); 

name() return full-qualified name like if xml with namespace like

<xpl:ca title='val'>

o/p : http://www.example.com/uri/:ca

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